PPBU is offered to tertiary level education from Skills Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Professional, Master’s Degree, and Doctorate (PH.D) to deserving Malaysian. Its aim is to aid the social and economic development of Malaysians by enabling bright but needy students to receive undergraduate education at local Public OR Private Higher Learning Institutions and Training Institutes in the country on a full-time basis.

PPBU is offered to applicants who have gained admission and are in their first year of study in Higher Learning Institutions and Training Institute recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education, the Private Education Department and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and the National Vocational Training Council (NVTC). PPBU provides educational assistance for undergraduate study in a wide spectrum of academic and practical subjects which in the opinion of members of the Board of Trustees of YBR are best oriented towards the social and economic development needs of country and the community.


  • 1
    Possess strong leadership skills and active participation in extra-curricular, social or voluntary activities
  • 2
    Applicants must have a consistent and outstanding academic achievement record as follows:

  YBR may withdrawal the PPBU if:

              * Students deferring their study without first obtaining permission from YBR

              * Fail to complete and execute the agreement within the specified period

              * Providing false information in the application form

              * Fail to remain in the areas of study as specified in the PPBU application

              * Fail to graduate from universities / colleges / ILA / ILS within the prescribed period

              * Obtain a grade point average (CGPA) of 2.0 and below


 (PPBU) / Scholarship will be fully withdrawn and students shall be required to make full repayment of PPBU / Scholarship which they have received during the period of their study.

If a student fails to pursue their study YBR will automatically terminate all disbursement.

Students shall be required to make full repayment of the entire amount of the sponsorship which was disbursed during their study period as stipulated in the agreement.

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At Yayasan Bank Rakyat, we don't just select scholars with exceptional intelligence, drive and a track record of accomplishments; we look for potential leaders who can redefine the future.




  • 1
    Leadership and Character Development Programmes
  • 2
    Volunteering Opportunities with NGOs or Non-profits
  • 3
    Job Attachment in Companies (GLC, GLICS, Organisations)
  • 4
    Internship in Selected Companies and Organisations
  • 5
    Self Development through Guidance of a Learning Coach
  • 6
    Mentoring Opportunities under Corporate Decision-makers
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