We believe that education is the epitome to improve social and economic development of Malaysians for poverty eradication and to equip mankind with critical thinking skills and tools to help themselves and their loved ones.



Yayasan Bank Rakyat (YBR) was formally registered on May 16, 2007 under the Trustees (incorporation) Act of 1952 [Act 258] with the registration number PPAB-06/2007, to assist underprivileged Malaysians, and Bank Rakyat customers and their children, in the fields of education and human capital development.

Since inception, Yayasan Bank Rakyat has been working towards its goal of raising the socio-economic status of impoverished Malaysian citizens, irrespective of race, religion or gender, through education, whilst simultaneously encouraging an atmosphere of mutual cooperation and assistance amongst Malaysians.

Our vision contributes towards the implementation of 10 of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within the United Nations’ Global Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. Through innovative strategies and stimulating programmes aligned with these goals, our aim is to create productive and highly skilled human capital: well-rounded, capable individuals with a sense of integrity and accountability, who are able to participate and benefit from the nation’s economic growth and development, and contribute towards global harmony and prosperity.


To nurture Malaysians towards sustainable well-being through holistic education.

Memupuk rakyat Malaysia ke arah kesejahteraan yang mampan melalui pendidikan holistik.



We work in synergy with our partners to support sustainable outcome in human potential, enhance and promote enrichment knowledge, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, health and environmental conservation through educational programmes and financial support for the socio-economic development of Malaysians.

Kami berusaha secara sinergi bersama rakan-rakan kerjasama kami bagi menyokong hasil yang mampan dalam potensi manusia, meningkat dan mempromosikan pengayaan pengetahuan, inovasi, kreativiti, keusahawanan, kesihatan dan pemuliharaan alam sekitar melalui program pendidikan serta sokongan kewangan bagi pembangunan sosio-ekonomi rakyat Malaysia.


Last Update : 25/06/2020

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