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KEMBARA MUDA RAKYAT, is YBR’s annual signature kid exploration program which was first introduced in 2014. KEMBARA Muda offers kids a first chance to be away from home and in the process, learn how to make choices for themselves. KEMBARA Muda will expand kids’ realm of thinking, of trying, of doing — and foster a renewed love and passion for learning. KEMBARA Muda isn’t about narrowing kids interests down to one or even a few things — it’s about opening themselves up to the world.

The program offers exciting theme in each session, allowing kids to explore places of interest throughout the country. Each thematic trips will focus on cultural, educational, science and technology, agricultural, heritage and recreational opportunities, including sightseeing, performing arts trips, and outdoor adventures.

Every day, students will be experiencing something new — including meeting new friends around them. With participation from all over the country kids will have a chance to get to know their new friends with customs, beliefs, and views that might be really different from their own. But the more time they spend getting to know them, the more they will find they’re not so different after all.




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