‘Kejohanan Sukan Sekolah Murid Orang Asli’ (KSSMOA); Aboriginal School Children Sports Championship is another National Level sporting event held in-collaboration with the Ministry of Education. KSSMOA was conceptualized in order to promote a sporting culture among the aboriginal school pupils in their respective school. Additionally, it also used as a platform to nurture their athletics ability and to support and empower their sporting dreams.

The program is dedicated to the key development period of primary school students and is focused on supporting them to achieve the futures that they envisage for themselves. To improve the health, socio-economic wellbeing and educational upliftment of our young aboriginal, Yayasan Bank Rakyat use the universal language of sport. The program also intends to foster unity among the disciples in the affected states in the country.


Last Update : 25/06/2020